About us 


Made for the Colorado climate and lifestyle. 


handmade with love  

everyone deserves a hammock.

we are hammock lovers and artisans offering beautiful hand-woven hammocks and hammock chairs. Each hammock is woven by hand on a simple loom, taking several hours to complete. We offer a selection of hammock chairs, classic hammocks and double hammocks. there's always a place for a hammock.

Our hammocks are meant to be used, supremely comfortable and as colorful as Colorado. 

Eco-friendly & Durable

WE love the outdoors and want to preserve it.

we use up-cycled & Recycled fibers in the rope-making process. we have diverted thousands of pounds of waste fibers from filling up landfills. 

Using these remnant fibers, we never know exactly what colors will become available to us, making each hammock colorfully unique.