Frequently Asked Questions

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Can your hammocks be used outdoors?

YES! We want you to enjoy being outdoors in your hammocks as much as we do! Our woven hammocks are great for use outdoors, set up on a stand or hanging from a tree. We love to take them camping or just on a day hike. If they get rained on, they dry quickly. We do recommend bringing your hammock in during the winter to prolong their life. 

Can I have a custom hammock made in my colors?

YES! Go to and check out the "Custom' page for options you can choose from and we will make a hammock especially for you.

What if something happens to my hammock?

We can provide repair and maintenance services for your hammock - check out the 'Repairs' page for more details.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 90 day warranty on our products of fit, form and function under normal use. It's a handmade hammock and our guarantee is that we made it correctly. In the event we made a mistake, we will take full responsibility by offering a repair or replacement at our discretion. Fill out our repairs form to get started.


Though we do not offer refunds, we do offer complete support of your product and are happy to help you overcome any problem that may prevent you from getting full enjoyment out of your hammock. Please contact us today so we can help you get the most out your hammock.