What Does "Upcycled" Mean?

We have been asked many times "what does 'upcycled' mean?". This term UPcycled is commonly confused with REcycled, but it has a very different meaning.

When a factory produces or purchases too much of a new material it is often discarded as waste, just as if it was used. Remnant fiber, the last little bit on a spool that was not used in production frequently ends up in a landfill. This material is brand new, has never been used for any purpose - the factory just made too much of it. 

A recycled product, on the other hand, has had a former life as another product before it came to you. 

We use 100% upcycled yarns for our hammocks, avoiding recycled yarns because we hope to achieve better durability. The process is just as effective as recycling because we are keeping the yarn out of landfills and re-purposing it into something useful, meanwhile providing our customers with the greatest quality product.